Revolution postponed

That elusive Android tablet revolution doesn't seem to be getting any nearer.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab might be launching in November in the UK, but rival LG has just said its own tablet won't be out until the new year- at least.

The problem is Android, Google's mobile operating system which is to power the tablet. Google say - and LG agree - that the current version of Android, 2.2, nicknamed 'froyo,' just isn't properly adapted to running on a tablet-sized device.

Samsung can get away with it, as their Tab is only seven inches in screen size - a size Froyo can cope with. But LG's tablet is to be an iPad-matching ten inches, and it seems Froyo just doesn't work well at that size.

There's no precise date yet for when the next version of Android will be out, or even if it will have all the adjustments needed to run tablets well.

So if you want a tablet for Christmas, and you want the full ten-inch experience (oo-er), it looks like the iPad is still the way to go... a happy Christmas for Steve Jobs, then.

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