Revolution delayed

Google may be perhaps the world's most innovative tech company, but that does mean it gets a lot of stuff wrong. Wave and Buzz are just two of its recent products that have failed to take off.

Is it too early to declare Google TV a third? Probably, but things do seem to be not quite right with Google's new Android-powered TV software platform. If you missed the summer launch, Google TV is a new software system that will power hardware - TVs and set-top-boxes - from partners such as Sony and Logitech. The idea is that, running a Google TV box, you'll be able to seamlessly switch between broadcast TV and internet TV like YouTube, and search your hard drive and the internet simultaneously for episodes of your favourite shows.

Sounds good, but a lot of the early reviews were pretty negative, saying the system software just wasn't up to snuff. And, well, it seems Google agrees. Just before Christmas it was reported that Google had asked its hardware partners not to exhibit loads of Google TV gear at January's CES conference. Apparently, they wanted more time to work on software.

Then a few days later, the shock news was reported that Logitech had stopped building its Revue - the first set-top-box Google TV product - until a major software update was agreed. A few days later, Logitech said this was not the case and the Revue is still being churned out, but the delay in responding led many to conclude something is afoot with Google TV's flagship product.

So who knows? We should see some new Google TV stuff at CES, at least, and perhaps it'll be easier then to gauge if the platform has a future.

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