Where to find Revlon mirror replacement bulbs

Lighted mirrors are perfect for applying make up or inserting contact lenses, but what happens when a bulb blows? Unfortunately if your lighted mirror is from Revlon, you'll probably have trouble finding Revlon mirror replacement bulbs. That's because the mirror has been discontinued, and spare parts are no longer being manufactured.

You have three main options for replacing bulbs:

  1. Search for the box it came in! Revlon mirrors come with a spare bulb, and you might be lucky and find the spare tucked away in the back of your cupboard.
  2. Get on eBay. Many sellers offer replacement bulbs for the Revlon Hollywood Vanity mirror, plus many other popular Revlon mirrors. Expect to pay about £2 for a 10 watt bulb. Postage should be around £1.50.
  3. Contact Revlon directly. You can call the manufacturer on 0870 5133191. Bulbs cost 50p plus a £1 postage charge.

If it's time to bite the bullet and upgrade to a new lighted mirror, check out the Tweezerman Tweezermate 10x Lighted Mirror. It has a clear edge to edge, so there's no distortion and, as the name suggests, it has a magnifying power of 10x. It's compact and perfect for travel, and the handy suction cups can attach to any smooth surface. Expect to pay about £18.

No7 Compact Lighted Mirror is another great alternative. It lights up automatically when opened and has two mirrors - one standard and one with 5x magnification. It comes with a lovely storage pouch and would make a great gift.

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