Review of game safety

Worried that teenagers are spending too much time eviscerating aliens? A new review system for games hopes to prevent children being exposed to dangerous levels of sex and violence.

Under the current system, games are only checked out by the regulatory board if they contain “human sexual activity” or “gross violence”.

The human bit is a worry – after all, non-human sexual activity could be a lot more scarring for the young mind. Possibly an orgy of zombies, aliens and vampires would slip through the net. And what about Lego Star Wars… can Han and Leia get jiggy with it if they’re only made of virtual plastic?

We can’t blame parents for being concerned…

Anyway, that’s all in the past. According to the new system, any game aimed at children over 12 will be reviewed. And to avoid confusion the symbols on the boxes will be just like those on film DVDs.

Of course, there’s still an entire internet out there for impressionable kids to explore. But at least you can be sure that their copy of Mario Galaxy isn’t hiding any nasty surprises.

(Image: from cambodia4kidsorg’s flickr stream)

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