Revealed: new Playstation Move boxing gloves

In the ensuing battle to replicate the success of Nintendo's Wii, the wireless motion-detecting console that took Britain by storm with it's retro gaming, first-person action games and exercise regimes, many big gaming names have been researching better models for wireless fun.

Ahead of the release of Playstation Move in September this year, sources have revealed the prototype for their new boxing gloves for the console, T3 report.

In a bid to allow users more movement to box like a professional, the company behind the technology of the gloves, CTA, has produced a glove design that allows gamers to form a fist around a wireless baton and land a punch like a pro. The Wii boxing game version has been berated for making its followers move their arms like 'someone who’s just had 200 volts pass through them'.

Stay tuned for similar equipment that will try to simulate the exact position adopted by gun-toters or samurai-sword wielders, rather than relying on holding a small white controller.

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