Return to Hyrule

Remember 1999? We were 19 and in our first year at University. We should have been out carousing and kissing boys. But we spent most of the time staying in halls in our friend Mark's room, playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Twelve years later, the colossal N64 epic - the fourth game in the Zelda series - still stands out to many as the richest, most rewarding video game of all time. And now, you get to relive those crazy, antisocial days - and younger players get to experience the madness for the first time. But you'll be able to venture outside and spend your lost dungeon days on a bus or in the pub, because Ocarina of Time is coming out on the new Nintendo 3DS in June.

Yes, June! Mere weeks away. Mere weeks away until you can stand in line at the fish n' chip shop while riding Epona the pony across Hyrule field, or pretend to listen to your girlfriend talking while slaying monsters secretly under the table. Although we're definitely not condoning that one.

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