Return of the Watch-Phone

Some tech ideas just won't go away, no matter how many times they're tried with disappointing results. The wrist-mounted phone is one such idea. People just can't get over their desire to talk into their watch, James Bond-style. LG had a go last year, but the limited-edition wrist-phone didn't make much of an impact beyond the initial flurry of press coverage.

No matter - UK manufacturer Swap is having a go with its new Rebel wrist-phone. Retailing at around £190, it packs a quad-band reciever for travel, a 1.5in touchscreen and compatibility with Bluetooth headsets. It also packs a USB connector and MicroSD card slot into its tiny frame, somehow. We're not sure how you go about texting on it, but if all you want is to make calls, you might be onto a winner.

Alarmingly, the phone also apparently sports an 'e-book reader' function. So if you fancy reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on a 1.5-in screen, the Swap Rebel could be for you...

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