Return of the cam

Oho, what's this? Could it be Apple's going through another of its never-enough-heralded U-turns? A couple of years ago it took all the buttons off the iPod Shuffle, only to bring them back last year. And it looks like another climbdown could be on the cards?

Last year Apple debuted the sixth-generation iPod Nano, a complete redesign that abandoned the 'click wheel' in favour of a touch-screen. It was small and rather lovely, but there was one big drawback: it lost the camera the Nano had gained in the previous version. OK, no-one was buying the Nano just for the camera, but it was a fun little extra function and it was a shame to see it go.

Well, it might be back! Pictures have emerged which seem to be of the back of the new Nano, which'll probably be released in September. And there's what looks an awful like a camera-hole in the top-right corner. (Or the top left corner, if you're looking from the back.)

Of course, it could be ten different types of fake. So don't sell your Flip-camera just yet...

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