Retro heaven

Hey, did you have a Playstation2? Course you did, right? Pretty pleased with it, were you? Well PAH!

The real gaming nerds, let it be known, had a Sega Dreamcast. The console that killed Sega - at least as a manufacturer of games hardware, not just software - was also criminally underrated and beloved of many hardcore gamers for super-advanced titles like Shenmue(not to mention is nifty controller with built-in tamagotchi).

And yet, like other misunderstood acts of genius, like Betamax or Kick-Ass, it performed poorly commercially and was killed off. But! All those geeks with lovingly preserved vintage Dreamcasts lying unused at home have hope! Bonkers mini-developer Redspotgames, has recently released several new titles for the console, including Last Hope, Rush Rush Rally Racing and Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles. And in a recent interview, their CEO said they have lots more planned!

Not the slightest idea what we're talking about? Worry not. You can enjoy classic Dreamcast titles such as Crazy Taxi yourself - they're to be found in XBox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Go, er, crazy!

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