Republican YouTube debate

American Republican politicians have followed the Democrats’ lead and held a televised debate based on voters’ questions posted on YouTube. The BBC reported that front-runners Mitt Romney and Rudolph Giuliani got a little heated on immigration, with each accusing the other of being soft on the issue.

To paraphrase, the fracas started:

“Your city is full of illegal immigrants.”
“Well illegal immigrants built your house, so ya boo sucks.”

Of course if they really wanted to show they were down with the YouTube kidz, they should have continued the argument…

“You smell.”
“Your mom does.”
“EARN $$$ NOW”
“OMFG you are SO GAY.”
“d000dz this rules!!!”

Some work to do yet, guys!

(Image: from Saveena (AKA LH Dugger)'s flickr stream)

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