Struggling to find anywhere to rent a PS3 console?

Remember in the good old days when you could rent out not only the latest video games from the likes of Blockbuster, but also the very newest consoles to play them on? They were certainly much more flexible times and, even though we had to pay a deposit of as much as £500 per rental, gamers were able to get their hands on the very latest consoles for a week at a time for a very reasonable price.

One of the benefits of renting consoles like this was to help you decide if you wanted to splash out on one yet, or hold off for a while until the price dropped a little. While that might seem like an odd concept these days, especially since we all like to buy things the second they're released now without even waiting for the general consensus of the video game press to help our decision, it certainly made our lives an awful lot more straight forward.

Unfortunately renting consoles is an option that simply doesn't exist these days. Not only are you expected to pay full price for the latest systems, but you'll also run the risk of falling afoul of problems such as the infamous "Red Ring of Death" problem that plagued the Xbox 360 for much of its life.

There are some alternatives available for the more shrewd buyer though. By using an interest free credit cart, you'll be able to pick up the cheapest PS3 system on amazon.co.uk for just £42 per month - less than it cost for a monthly rental all those years ago!

However before deciding on this route it's very important to know that you can afford the repayments, because after your six months interest free time is up, you're going to start paying through the teeth for the pleasure of owning the system! It may not be quite what you were looking for, but it's the closest we can get to finding a way for you to rent the PS3 console.

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