Remember the Mac Mini? Now you might actually want one

Ah, the good old Mac Mini. For an Apple product, it always seemed a bit... sensible. Sure, you could get a Mac for a few hundred pounds and use it with your existing monitor and keyboard, but given that half the point of a Mac is that is looks so lovely, what would be the point? No wonder that rumours have persisted for years that the Mini would be killed off.

But Apple has thrown its weight behind its smallest desktop computer today with a sexy refresh. The new Mac Mini boasts a unibody design, carved out of a single slice of aluminium like the latest MacBooks. It's really very lovely. And instead of sticking it under your old PC monitor, Apple would like you to put it under your shiny new HDTV - they've added an HDMI port for high-def video.

But such sexy silicon doesn't come cheap - the new Mac Mini starts at $699.

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