Remeber the Neo Geo?

We can remember that when we were kids, and owners of the wimpy little Master System, we really wanted a Neo Geo. We would always see it in the back of gaming magazines, with its arcade quality graphics and pine... oh how we would pine. Well now we need pine no more, as we can get our hands on a brand new Neo Geo, and it’s made of pine! Well, wood, but don’t stop us from using tortured puns when we fancy it.

Anyway, Analogue Interactive’s walnut-encased SNK Neo-Geo is the world’s first wooden games console, and as such is really cool. It costs £450; which might seems like a stupid amount of money for a 20-year-old console, but given that it’s built to last, has a humungous library of retro gaming classics for you to buy on the web and is MADE OF WOOD, doesn’t seem like such a dreadful price to us. Take a look at Electric Pig’s comprehensive review, and if you like the look of it, buy it here. There’s a video below showing you what it looks like and the games you can get for it.

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