Released into the iWild

No matter which side of the fence you sit on, (and not many of us are perched on the fence when it comes to the iPad) if you were given one as a present you'd wet your pants with giddy joy.

The iPad is Apple’s first foray into the potentially lucrative multi touch tablet market and it has now been given an official released into the wild date: Friday 26th March - or 3 and a bit weeks away, woo hoo! According to The Examiner, a manager at a Southern California Apple Store let slip the exciting news along with a PR ploy to hand out bonus gifts for any fanatic who camps outside the shop. What these ‘bonus’ gifts are is not known but they are expected to come in the form of iTunes Vouchers.

If you’d rather have an iPad for internet use on the move, then you’ll need to wait until April or May when the iPad 3G hits the shelves. If you can't wait till then and have an iPhone, we suggest you rename it the iPad Nano - like the iPad but much smaller, more storage, better battery life, ability to text and make phone calls. Actually the iPad sounds rubbish.

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