'Relax, it's just a phone'

The iPhone 4 reception saga is pretty much the gift that keeps on giving, news-wise. In the latest spat, Steve Jobs has enraged Apple fans with a succession of bizarre emails on the subject.

Jobs' email address - sjobs@apple.com - is well-known, and he often shoots back brief and often cryptic responses to user's questions and comments. His emails since the iPhone 4 problems began, though, probably should have been passed through Apple's PR department before hitting the interwebs.

First, Jobs told a user complaining about the iPhone 4's tendency to lose reception if you hold it a certain way, 'don't hold it that way.' Which is fair enough, except that Apple were, at the time, denying the reception problem actually existed.

Then a few days ago, Jobs told an angry fan, 'You are getting all worked up over a few days of rumors. Calm down.' Then, reportedly, he said 'relax, it's just a phone.'

This, unsurprisingly, provoked wails of anguish from Apple fans. But then the mystery began. The website that first presented the emails, Boy Genius Report, said later that the last Jobs message - 'relax, it's just a phone' - wasn't from Jobs at all. Then a few days later, Apple PR told Fortune magazine that the all the emails from Jobs in that exchange were fake.

Now, Boy Genius Report has hit back, saying that the emails are, in fact, real, and accusing Apple's PR people of lying to the press.

What's the truth? We have no idea - but it all adds up to the sense that Apple is seriously freaking out behind the scenes about this...

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