Rejoice, PS3 owners!

PS3 gamers sometimes have it tough; Microsoft too often spend big bucks on exclusivity contracts that mean DLC and extra episodes don’t arrive on their console, which must be a right old pain in the bottom when you spend the same amount of money on the games as Xbox 360 users do. The most obvious case of this was the Episodes From Liberty City situation, which led to those on the Microsoft side of the fence getting jiggy with Gay Tony and biking it up with Johnny from The Lost, while PlayStation 3 people sat and watched from the sidelines.

Well no more, as Rockstar can finally announce that both The Lost And The Damned and The Ballad Of Gay Tony are coming to PS3 (and PC) on 30 March. Better late than never, eh? Pricing as of yet hasn’t been announced, but we’d be surprised if it cost any more than what Xbox 360 gamers had to shell out.

If you have a PS3 or a PC and haven’t yet bought GTA4 (why the hell not, by the way, it came out in 2008) then you will be able to buy the original game bundled in with the two newer episodes, again for an as yet not known price. Sounds pretty swish either way, if you ask us.

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