Rejoice, ex-Pats!

The BBC has announced news that will warm the cockles of any British ex-pat in a funny foreign country, where they speak a funny language and have shit television: iPlayer is going international. Can we hear a ‘Hell Yeah!’?

Moving iPlayer into the global market was approved by the BBC Trust, and now good old Auntie thinks it will be able to make a few quid out of ex-Pats’ overwhelming desire not to absorb the culture in which they live. However the Telegraph reports that they think they could charge as much as $10 for an episode of a favourite show, which would be an outrageous price to pay. Hopefully they get that idea out of their heads very quickly, and we'll be onto a winner.

‘Our research has shown there is an international audience of British TV fans that are frequently watching TV online,’ said Luke Bradley-Jones, MD of Global iPlayer. ‘And we are excited about rolling out our iPlayer VOD [video-on-demand] service to meet and grow this demand.

‘We strongly believe the Global iPlayer is going to offer an excellent opportunity for the UK's creative industry to directly reach much sought after digital audiences and revenue streams around the world.’

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