Our guide to buying refurbished notebooks

There are many websites out there that specialise in selling refurbished notebooks. Some people may be very cautious about this and rather not buy a second hand computer but many of these companies claim the laptop to be as good as new.

Studentcomputers.co.uk is one such company and they are confident that any computer sold by them is of high quality. They have an in-depth computer testing process in order to give you an accurate grading of all their refurbished IT equipment. They test components such as:

  • Hard Disk Drive to ensure it can store maximum capacity and they run a diagnostic tool check for errors.
  • RAM is tested for errors
  • Screen is checked for damaged pixels, cracks or damages
  • Everything button on the keyboard is checked
  • Mouse pad, left and right click buttons
  • Wireless connections
  • All UBS ports are working
  • VGA port and external monitor
  • Ethernet port
  • High standard of cleaning is carried out

Studentcomputers.co.uk has a computer grading system which is as follows:

  • New - Product is brand new
  • Grade A+ - Products are in excellent condition, very light signs of use
  • Grade A- - Products are in good condition, light signs of use
  • Grade B+ - Products are in average condition. Will be signs of use.
  • Grade B- - Products are below average condition. Will be heavy signs of use.


This is an excellent system that will help you with your browsing for refurbished laptops on studentcomputers.co.uk. Log on now and browse from hundreds of excellent laptops and PC's at incredibly low prices.

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