Where to buy a refurbished iPod Nano

Before buying a refurbished iPod Nano the main thing to keep in mind is to be sure that it includes a warranty, as although refurbished products generally work fine there is always a risk that electronics may develop a fault even when purchased new, and with a refurbished product that risk is increased.

Where to buy?

Probably the best place to buy a refurbished iPod Nano is direct from Apple them-selves, as they offer them from their website (store.apple.com) at discounted prices and include a year's warranty and free delivery. Being the very company that make the iPod Nano you also know that you can trust them to make sure the product is in working order before shipping it out to you.

Marketplace sellers on amazon.co.uk also often sell refurbished iPod Nanos, and their prices often undercut Apple's, however as they're often small companies that you won't have heard of it's always worth checking the reviews and feedback they've received on Amazon to ensure that they're both legitimate and provide a good service.

Ebay.co.uk also regularly has auctions or sales of refurbished iPods. As with Amazon it is always important to check a seller's feedback before buying though, as well as ensuring that they either offer a warranty or at the very least allow returns if the product is faulty. If you keep your eyes open you can potentially find an amazing deal on eBay, easily beating Apple's own prices and potentially beating those offered by Amazon sellers as well.

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