Guide to buying refurbished computers in Birmingham

If you're reluctant to splash out on a brand new computer, but still feel like you can't live without one in your home, then you should look at cutting costs by buying a refurbished computer. Most computer retailers offer refurbished machines at cheap prices, and often the level of refurbishment is minimum.

The only real difference you're likely notice between a brand new and a refurbished machine is that your warranty will be severely limited. Although this won't be an issue in the vast majority of cases, if you are concerned about the possibility of needing to replace it once the warranty is up, you could add the machine onto your home contents insurance which should cover it for accidental or mechanical damage.

There are quite a few retailers specialising in refurbished computers in Birmingham for you to choose from. If you do decide to buy in person rather than online, then it's a great idea to go and have a chat to one of the store's technical specialists, who can talk you through what exactly is needed to be refurbished in the computer and how likely it is to develop a problem again. We've compiled a list of the main Birmingham stores dealing in refurbished computers below.

Community Computers

Eflex Computers

IT Demon


Each of these stores have bundles of knowledge when it comes to computers, so they should be able to point you in the right direction! Good luck finding the right machine for you.

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