Looking to Upgrade? What About a Refurbished Computer?

So you've finally decided you're going to upgrade that heap of junk you call a computer then? Don't worry, it may not turn out to be as expensive as you had feared. Computer hardware in general is cheaper than it has ever been these days, but not only are there huge discounts to be had from the bigger retailers, you can also save a fortune by opting for a refurbished computer instead of a brand new one.

If the idea of buying a refurbished system isn't sitting too well with you don't worry, many people have similar concerns at first, fearing that any computer they buy in this way will be riddled with problems like malware, spyware, hard drive problems or worse!

Rest assured however that in most cases this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, many reputable outlets have speciality sections that cater specifically for refurbished computers. It's worth remembering that a refurbished computer doesn't mean someone's old patched up piece of trash, far from it.

Generally if you pick up a refurbished machine, it will be a computer within which a certain component broke, or it may have been returned for a partial refund if the person's financial circumstances changed and they found they could no longer afford it, and in some cases, certain stores will class ex-display units as refurbished machines (they'll obviously have been fully formatted and prepared for sale beforehand).

In the first case, the refurbishment is often something as minor as replacing a faulty hard drive. This is a very straightforward job, and almost all computer retailers will carry out the work in store. Since the hard drive is where the operating system, files and software are stored it's a hugely important part of the computer, so it's unlikely that you'll ever be sold a computer with a hard drive that hasn't been thoroughly tested.

And in the second case, the computer will have been completely wiped, the operating system reinstalled, routine maintenance carried out to ensure everything is working correctly and everything cleaned up to a good-as-new standard. This makes returned and refurbished computers a great way to save some money, while still getting what is essentially a brand new machine.

If you do decide to go for a refurbished computer, it's important to find out everything you can about any work that was carried out to it prior to going on sale, as well as enquiring what kind of warranty is included with it - just because it's a refurbished computer doesn't mean you relinquish any of your rights as a consumer!

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