Ever Given Thought to Refurb Laptops?

Everyone wants to save a few pounds here and there, given the current economic climate. The real talent is figuring out where you can shave the money off your expenses without sacrificing your quality of life. In many cases people will decide to save themselves some money by looking at refurb laptops rather than brand new ones, but there can be pitfalls! There are things to be on the look out for and be aware of if you decide to go down this route, and to give you a hand we've prepared a special column with the necessary knowledge.

A refurbished laptop is generally a laptop that has been rebuilt in some way by either the original manufacturer or a third party. In the case of it being the manufacturer, the laptop is usually made available and marked clearly as a refurb on their website, with a price to reflect this. Usually the reason for these machines being refurbs is that they failed the initial quality control test, usually due to the failure of a component, and have had the defective module replaced by hand away from the assembly line. When a third party refurbishes a machine it is usually a reseller, and usually this type of refurbishment too is down to a failing component needing replacing.

The difference between a manufacturer and third party refurb can be huge however. When the manufacturer carries out the work, the laptop should still come under their warranty, and you can be positive that they have used the same components as are found within their regular laptops (if this is not the case it will usually be made very clear). This means that you are unlikely to run into incompatibility problems down the line - everything within the laptop has been thoroughly tested and known to work together.

On the other hand, with a third party refurb you have absolutely no idea what the standard of component they have fitted as a replacement is, so you're leaving yourself open to issues. Third party refurbishers know this, and offer a shortened warranty to reflect the fact that they are unwilling to offer cover for as long as a manufacturer.

If you're considering refurb laptops then you need to give some serious thought to whether or not you think the money saved merits not having as long of a warranty should there be problems. Only you can make that decision.

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