Red Dead Redemption on Xbox 360

Cowboys and Indians and the Wild West in general is a genre visited upon all too infrequently in the world of gaming. You're far more likely to see some generic military first person shooter than a game set in the Old West.

It's a crying shame, because on the evidence of Red Dead Redemption on Xbox 360, it's a genre that has massive scope to grow bigger and better.

Developed by Rockstar Games, the brains behind the Grand Theft Auto series, Red Dead Redemption puts you into the shoes of grizzled family man John Marsden, who is on a path to gain the release of his family, who are being held captive by a corrupt official, who is getting Marsden to do his bidding.

The game follows the same kind of pattern as Grand Theft Auto, you'll travel around the map picking up missions from strangers and friends that nudge you closer to your goal. The difference with this game is the slower, more deliberate pacing, which gives it a brilliant "Western" style feeling, never before seen in gaming.

This game, far more than any other released recently, just feels epic and cinematic. Without spoiling too much, when you reach Mexico in-game, the vista that appears is breathtaking, and highlights everything good about video games as an entertainment medium.

Instead of driving cars around a big city, you'll be riding your trusty steed through barren scrubland, a desolate environment to match the lonely quest being undertaken by Marsden. This is a truly epic game that you shouldn't need convincing to pick up!

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