Red dead trailer

OK, now you can colour us doubly excited about Read Dead Redemption now. Rockstar have done us the delicious favour of cobbling together another ace trailer for us to look at, and with each new passing piece of information we grow ever surer that their epic western effort is going to be the bee’s ballbags, or something along those lines anyway.

So what do we learn from the trailer? Well if you’re so lazy you can’t even be bothered to click on an embedded video then you barely deserve the time of day, but what the hell: titled ‘The Law’ it’s about the coppers. Badass Wild West coppers who you are heavily involved with, and most likely corrupt, violent sociopaths who most definitely don’t play things by the book. Marshall Leigh Johnson in particular looks like an interesting character, while the deputies look like the sort of yokels who’d rather let a black man go un-lynched than miss a hoe-down.

The game out on 30 April, and we’re the days down like Christmas has been moved to spring.

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