Red Dead Redemption: a preview

We’ve been keeping our eye on Rockstar’s latest blockbuster effort Red Dead Redemption for a while now, having seen the trailer a few months ago. Now the lucky folks at CVG have had a little preview play with a portion of the game, and the reactions seems to be broadly positive.

One of the things that concerns us the most (particularly about a game that has been in production for six tortuous years) is Rcokstar's reluctance to tell us the plot, other than that our hero has to do something at the behest of a shadowy government group called The Bureau (not the fake soap opera from The Day Today) and that it’s ‘dark’. Bah, give us more, Rockstar.

One thing that amused us and will be sure to generate a few column inches of moral panic was the rendering of animals – which you can shoot, po-faced animal activists – and what are being called procedural events, which are various Wild West style happenings that you can get involved in. ‘At any moment in time you might encounter a seemingly random event happening in the game, completely separate of your activity,’ said the online games mag. ‘We saw a bunch of hoodlums dragging some poor soul through the desert with his feet tied to a horse. We saw a man stranded in the wilderness asking for help and another bloke being chased and shot at.’

The game uses a lot of the same tech as GTA, so expect some similarities, but the most important thing is whether Rockstar has managed to make the missions more varied than go somewhere, shoot people, leave. ‘What impressed us most about Red Dead Redemption was Rockstar's effort to make the open and seemingly baron lands of the Wild West a real and believable place,’ the mag continued. Which is all very well and good; they’ve already displayed their ability to frame a game in a beautiful setting, but what of the game play? ‘Shooting, shooting and more shooting. Will there be more variety in missions? Rockstar said yes, but wouldn't go into specifics.’ Oh. Fingers crossed this doesn’t disappoint.

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