Red dead excited

There’s some more lovely Red Dead Redemption news hot off the electronic press, a brand new gameplay video that makes us get all excited at the thought of shootin’ down varmints and critters, as well as the odd outlaw and other Wild West Badasses. The video shows us how the shooting mechanics work, so what does the video show us?

Apart from the bigging up of the game’s Rage physics engine, which gives us accurate reactions to gunshots, the vid also shows us what kind of guns we can expect to be wielding: namely early machine guns, accurate hand pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns and buffalo guns (the latter of which causes all sorts of damage – don’t watch or play the game if you’re bothered about fake animals being killed). We also see the Dead Eye targeting system, which looks very smooth indeed, and with which when you’re a proper hot shot you can pick out multiple shots before letting any of them off, in an incredibly cool style.

The game arrives on 30 April, so get your Stetson ready, dust off your copies of the old Spaghetti Westerns and grow some nice stubble. Maybe even cultivate a ‘tache in honour of the game. Go on, do it.

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