Red Dead delayed

Red Dead Redemption has gone through some troubles during its creation. A while back there were rumours that the development of it was bedevilled by problems, and that by the time of its release it would have been six whole years since its inception. Which by anyone’s standards is a long old time to be making a game.

So you’ll not be shocked to learn that the North American release date for Rockstar’s latest effort has been pushed back yet again, this time from April to mid-May. The game will now be unleashed upon the Yanks and Canucks on 18 May, whereupon they will all yell YEE-HAW and start hunting Mexicans and native Americans until their land is stolen from them. What? They already did that? Well shoot, pardner. As yet the release date for us Brits stays at 21 May, but we’ll keep you posted if that changes, y’hear?

‘We shifted the launch of the game by several weeks into the third quarter,’ said Rockstar during a recent financials release. ‘We believe this is the optimal time frame to release what is being hailed as the next generation of sandbox games.’

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