Pros and Cons of Recycling Ink Cartridges

Recycling ink cartridges is becoming something that many people are looking into. One of the major benefits is that you can help the environment by not throwing out the items. However, there are also disadvantages to doing this, which are also worth looking into.

Advantage: Help the Environment

As already stated, recycling ink cartridges helps the environment. It is not just from the type of rubbish that you are throwing out; it is also from the creation of new cartridges. A lot less energy is required to refill an old cartridge than making up a new one.

Advantage: Save Money

Because it uses less energy to refill recycled cartridges, it means that it costs less to make them. This means that the printer ink companies are able to save money. They then pass this saving on the consumer, so printer ink is much cheaper.

Advantage: Creates More Jobs

Not only are the companies saving money but they also need more people to do a new job. This means that roles are created and less people are out of work. This benefits the whole nation since fewer people are relying on benefits to get by.

Disadvantage: Printer Ink Quality

This is the major problem when it comes to recycling ink cartridges; it is thought that the quality of the ink is less when a cartridge has been refilled. Because of this, many recycling centres put their cartridges through more tests to ensure that the quality is just as good as if it came from a new cartridge.

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