Don't throw out your ink, recycle ink cartridges!

Recycling is the right thing to do, recycle your ink cartridges and you can make the world a little greener and fell better about yourself. This is basically the campaign that Tesco have launched to encourage people to recycle and you know what, they're right.

Recycling is basically good, there is no downside. Tesco offer a great service where you can bring them you empty or broken ink cartridges and they will deal with them in a very green way by recycling them. Basically they will be melted down and reformed to make more plastic items.

Tesco state that ink cartridges take 1,425,000 litres of oil to make. By recycling you can save a huge amount of oil that is basically being wasted on recreating items that can just be re-used or recycled. Learn more about recycling ink cartridges in the 'Greener Living' section of the tesco.com website.

If you like the environment but feel that you should earn a little something something for taking time out of your busy life to recycle them, then the recycleaid.co.uk website is more for you.

Here when you recycle your ink cartridges you will actually get paid for your efforts. You can also chose to donate to charities if that's you bag. All you have to do is post them in and they will walk you through the process. Obviously you will not get lots of cash for one or two but if you own a business or a school you could get enough for some new printers or kits for the kids.

All this time you have been throwing out your cartridges when you should recycle your ink cartridges. Well, now you know!

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