Reconnect with the land

Mobile phones get ever more beautiful, and we're envious of anyone carrying around the latest iPhone 4 or Nexus S. But sometimes we miss the build quality and downright heft of old-fashioned landline phones. From the olde-worlde dial-up variety to sleek modern cordless phones, they're just more satisfying to hold in the hand - because they're not designed to fit into the pocket of your jeans.

Gadget manufacturers have come up with various ways to give you the landline experience while talking on your phone, some - like the recent set of Moshi Moshi plug-in handsets - quite nifty. But this Cobra PhoneLynx BT 215 (another memorable gadget name) looks like the best yet. The PhoneLynx plugs into any phone, and connects to your mobile via Bluetooth. So you can go about your day as normal, but if a call comes through when you're near your old-style phone, it'll come through on that rather than your mobile.

The landline phone has to be disconnected - the device can't share a phone with a landline connection, so this is best for those who've given up their beloved rotary-dial for a mobile-only life.Fabulously, not only can you make outgoing calls from the phone you connect to the PhoneLynx, but it plays you an old-fashioned dial tone when you pick it up. Genius!

The PhoneLynx is available now from various random internet retailers.

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