Reasons to recommend a Brother printer

Why your next printing device should be a Brother printer

Brother (www.brother.co.uk) produce diverse household gadgets, from sewing machines to label printers but if you want a great example of their products, invest in a Brother printer.

Their printers are multi-functional and extremely flexible, whether your device of choice is laserjet, colour, inkjet, or ‘all in one’. Brother printers are perfect for offices or home use.

A Brother printer can cope with many tasks, including your photocopying and scanning needs, even doubling up as a fax machine. Brother also produce specialised printers, such as label printing machines.

Appreciating that much of today’s work takes place away from the office environment, Brother even manufacture mobile printers. In addition to all these device, Brother also specialise in  printer ink and toner cartridges.

Where to order a Brother printer

An efficient service is offered by Printerland (www.printerland.co.uk), who provide free next day delivery if your order is more than £125. Phone lines are open from 08:30 to 18.00, Monday to Friday.

Amongst the printers currently on offer is the Brother HL-3030CN. This is an A4 colour laser printer, capable of printing 16 colour pages per minute, from a 250 sheet input tray. The images produced are 2400 x 600 dpi, and the printer’s memory is 32MB (544MB Max). This printer contains a USB socket and can be networked. It retails at £135 (excluding VAT).

Further up the scale is the HL-4570CDW, which is also wireless, has a 400MHz processor, and does automatic double-sided prints. This retails at £397.09 and comes with a free 3-year warranty.

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