Really, this is the last time

Um, yes. The other day we said that we’d not be putting up any more Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood videos, but we were wrong. Frankly we didn’t think, given the game is OUT NOW, that we’d get any more stuff from Ubisoft. However, as many of you will no doubt learn when you come home from work this evening (ready to lock yourselves in the house all weekend no doubt), the developer really has gone the whole nine yards for the sequel.

As you can see in the vid below, you can now aim to achieve each mission with a full sync, which is achieved when you pull off a mission just as Ezio did: not being seen, for example. But don’t worry if you don’t do it first time, as you can replay missions in which you failed to do perfectly, earning yourself bonus missions in the process. There are also a load of incentives and targets to hit, and you can train yourself up in the new, improved Animus. It looks delicious, doesn’t it?

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