Really lame looking

There has been an awful lot of chit chat about Sony’s new Playstation Move, and about how it’s going to put Microsoft’s Kinect system to shame, as well as grind the puny, pathetic Nintedno Wii into the dust. Well Maybe Sony still thinks that, but if this extremely lame video ‘showcasing’ the new device is any indicator, it’s not going to do anything but be a bit rubbish.

The highlight of the 14-minute long video for us has to be the two extremely awkward looking games journos playing table tennis (around the 7:40 mark), while they check out the device for themselves. One of the guys has a truly corking pony tail, and a natty beige jacket and jeans combo going on, which is far more visually exciting than the game itself. Sorry Sony, but this is pretty pony.

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