We find really cheap real iPod Nanos online

The MP3 player has completely revolutionised the way we not only listen to music, but also the way we buy and view it. Since the original iPod was released ten years ago a huge amount has changed in the music industry. Albums and songs now find the bulk of their sales coming from digital distribution, with market leaders like Apple's iTunes providing the vast majority of the global sales.

While it looked like the entire industry was facing a collapse not too long ago due to the crushing weight of piracy, things would appear to have finally stabilised.

These days it's not uncommon to find that a lot of people carry their entire music collections around with them at all times on devices that are getting smaller and smaller every year. One great example of this is the ridiculously small Apple iPod Nano. This sexy little device can be bought online directly from the Apple store for £131 for the 8GB model and £163 for the 16GB model, however those of you willing to do a little shopping around can find much better deals on really cheap real iPod Nanos, as we discovered recently.

If you're not particularly concerned with the fact that it's one of the older models, you can pick up the Apple iPod Nano 2GB model from the Amazon Marketplace for just £49.00. It might not have the same capacity as the newer ones direct from Apple, but it offers more than enough capacity for hundreds of songs at a time.

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