Real life Monopoly hits the streets

We may be in the thick of a global recession, but thanks to the spods over at Google the dream of buying your ideal home has become a reality - well kind of. The internet search engine et al has released a massive multi-player version of popular board game Monopoly to be played on Google Maps.

The same rules as normal Monopoly apply, apart from you can buy pretty much any street in the world you like with your initial $3 million dollars. Chance cards have been revamped to give a modern real life feel, allowing players to build rubbish dumps or prisons to sabotage neighbouring rivals, or wind farms to reduce the rent, or even to bulldoze property.

Branded "the biggest game of Monopoly of all time" ‘Monopoly City Streets’ from Hasbro launches today and is free to play at Monopolycitystreets.com

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