Read this...at work

Apparently time spent at work telling your friends what you had for lunch via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter is considered ‘time-wasting’. Puh!

Some goodie-two-shoes at Myjobgroup.co.uk asked 1000 UK workers how much of the working day they spent on social networking sites, with most of them saying about 30 minutes. Which the kill-joys have worked out (no one knows how, exactly) costs the economy £14billion a year.

‘Whilst we are certainly not kill-joys’ said kill-joy MD Lee Fayer, ‘spending over an hour a day in work time on the likes of Facebook are seriously hampering companies' efforts to boost productivity, which is more important than ever given the fragile state of our economy.'

Well, it makes a different to the usual ‘we’re over worked under paid’ stories us Brits read every day. On Facebook, naturally.

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