Reach for your phone, reach for the Sky

This is pretty nifty. Love TV? Like your phone? Like, er, moving around? Then we think we've got the iPhone app for you: Sky Go.

No, it's not a tool to turn your iPhone into a jetpack, though that would be amazing. And it's not another night sky map app, because they're boring and we wouldn't waste time telling you about them.

No, Sky Go is the kind of Sky you pay £40 for and spend hours in front of every week. That sounds like a stripper; but we mean Sky TV.

Yes, if you're not sufficiently shocked by recent revelations to be boycotting all things Murdoch, you'll be pleased to know you can now watch your Sky TV subscription wherever you are. With the new Sky Go app, you can watch live Sky on your phone and even pause and rewind it. And you're allowed two devices for each contract, so you and the missus or mister can both get in on the action - or you could install it on both iPhone and iPad.

The web-based Sky Player service has also been brought into the Sky Go branding, and expanded to include more channels.

And what's more, if you're not a Sky customer, Sky Go is open to you, too - for £15 a month. Worth it? Depends on how much you like flicking between channels, we suppose. We do all our TV through YouTube and iPlayer now these days ourselves.

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