Features of a Rayuan Transformer

Rayuan is a manufacturing company located in Luchou City, Taiwan. It launched in 1986. Rayuan develops transformers for halogen lamps. They specialise in developing low voltage transformers. Not only does the company produce the Rayuan transformer, but also, manufacturers LED products, ionic generators and other types of fluorescent, battery products.

Rayuan Transformer Product Line

The company produces over 8 series of transformers. The main benefit of a Rayuan transformer for your lamp is that it will not generate over voltage. This means, if the lamp is operated with only partial load it will not reduce the overall life of the lamp. Transformers allow for lamp lights to dim. Another advantage is that the Rayuan transformers consume only 30% of power, compared to other electronic transformers which consume up to 60% of power. The transformers come fully functional and are easy to install. There are security protections to reverse overload and also provide overheating protection.

Ceiling Series

The Rayuan transformer Ceiling Series are developed for halogen lamps. These transformers have fuse protection. The rated voltage on the EN-20AP ceiling series is 120 Vac, 60 HZ. The rated current is 0.45A. The transformer also allows for a secondary voltage, which is at 12 Vac. The ceiling series also features a dimming mechanism.

Flat Series

The key features of the EN-105L in the Flat Series of transformers is that it was built specifically for low voltage halogens. The transformer has a secondary voltage of 11.8 Vac. The operating frequency is 35 KHz. The rated voltage is 230 Vac. The mean time between failures (MTBF) is 20,000 hours.

Another transformer that is part of the flat series is the EN-120. Key features of this transformer include mechanisms to reduce overheating and short circuits. Also, it has protection features to reduce overloading. The rated voltage is 230 Vac. The operating frequency is 35 KHz. The MTBF is listed at 20,000 hours. Secondary voltage has been calculated at 11.8 Vac.

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