Rapper's delight

Ever had a pool party? Yeah? Bet you were pretty pleased with it, right? Had a nice sound system? We reckon it was missing a little something, though. Where was the TV?

No, we haven't gone mad. The idea of a TV in the garden might seem a strange one, but if there's one thing covering technology has taught us it's that there's a gadget for every conceivable need. Including, it seems, the need for a TV that can live in your garden come rain or shine.

Ciil Technologies (no, we've never heard of them either) are the makers, and the sets are impressive - ranging from 32 to 55 inches, they're all full 1080p HD sets. But what marks them out is the special design and coatings which make them dust- and waterproof enough, Engadget reckon, 'to withstand a good pressure washing and the occasional dip in the pool.'

Expect to see the CiilTV showing up in rap videos from now on...

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