Raindance Film Festival takes premieres online

If you're not planning a trip to this year's Raindance Film Festival in London, do not despair. The organisers have struck a deal with Tiscali which will see six of the films premiered online at the same time as they appear on the silver screen.

Raindance founder Elliot Grove has said that online distribution is providing independent film makers with a chance to connect with a new audience without having to take the traditional Hollywood route.

Tiscali's online media director, Alex Hole, agrees: "Tiscali has worked with Raindance for the last three years and they totally embrace the power of the internet which is refreshing. Rather than seeing online as a threat to creativity Raindance shares our view that the internet is a fantastic vehicle for independent film."

Among the six films showing as virtual screenings will be Flames in the Looking Glass, The Inheritance and South Coast. There will also be trailers and highlights from the event online too. The festival kicks off on the 25th September and runs until the 7th October and there's a list of events happening around the festival on the Raindance website.

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