Radley mantle clock

The Radley mantle clock is the perfect thing to spruce up a dining rooms or sitting room. It is a beautiful time piece and has that real old skool look that makes any sitting room look really classy.

The Radley mantle clock is made by Loricron, one of the best know clock makers in the world. Every piece is expertly crafted and beautiful to behold, the Radley is no exception.

This is a tambour style mantel clock with a frame made completely of wood. This stunning medium oak finish with carved side scrollwork really has that handmade look. It also features a metal dial with a convex glass that has been antiqued to give it that real retro vibe.

This clock may look old but it has lots of the features you would expect from a modern clock. These features make the clock a lot more usable, rather than just been a good looking mantle ornament. This like volume control, night shut-off switch  and fully automatic hour strike really make this a fantastic clock.

You can expect to pay around £200 for a Radley mantle clock. This is really a great price for something this beautiful and this functional. They can actually be quite difficult to find online, most websites that stock this clock are American but will ship to the UK.

We found it for around £150 so with delivery you are looking at around £200 in total. Check out the simplymantleclocks.com website and see if the Radley mantle clock has a place over your fireplace.

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