Radio Gaga

Well, how's this for a bit of great design. Jordi Parra, a student of 'interaction design' (we've no idea) at a Swedish university, has come up with a brilliant new design for a Spotify-centric radio.

We know what you're thinking - you need a computer or phone to run Spotify, right? Nice big screen to choose songs on? And yet Parra's design is a lovely, sleek radio, without any screen and hardly any buttons.

Howd's it work then? Well, this is the genius part. The player comes with a bunch of coloured discs which you can associate with your various Spotify playlists. When you want some sounds, you just choose the relevant disc and stick it to the magnetic volume knob. Hidden RFID tags do their magic and boom! - the playlist in question begins playing.

We think this looks pretty amazing, and we'd love to see it get put into production. Just another reason for those Spotify-lacking Yanks to get jealous!

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