Where to Find a Radio Alarm Clock

A radio alarm is getting difficult to find. More people are after alarms with CD players or iPod docks. However, there are still some dotted around, if you are willing to look around. Fortunately, because there are so few, radio alarm clocks are much cheaper than they were a decade ago.

The one place that has a wide variety of radio alarms is Amazon.co.uk. This website is full of listings, placed by individuals who no longer need their products. When buying off someone, you will need to check the details about the product to see how used it has been.

Another site that updates its listings regularly and is likely to have radio alarm clocks is Ebay.co.uk. This is an auction site and you will be buying from individuals and not companies (most of the time). It makes it important to check the details about anything that you buy and always look into the details of the seller.

However, if you want a store that you can trust, Comet is one to put on your list. There are still a handful of radio clocks available but you will need to patience to look through the various iPod and iPhone docking alarms. One option I the Sony XDRC706DMP.CEK, which costs £59.99 as of September 2011.

By buying on the Comet website, you gain exclusive deals on radio alarm clocks and one of those is the Pure Siesta Flow, which is priced at £71.99. While you can choose to pick this up from a store, you cannot purchase it from there.

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