Radiator art

Love art and like being warm? Well, this new installation will be perfect for you. The art radiator – or “Radiart” (very clever), as the cognoscenti have it –  is a step up from the ultra-stylish glass radiator we featured a while back. These works promise to be as good as or better than avant-garde paintings and sculptures – and great for drying clothes too!  

So instead of one of those ghastly white things stuck on your wall, why not have The Nuage – a polished metal frame full of warm glowing lights hung high in the hall? A real conversation piece.

Or how about the fabulous Bisque Hot Hoop radiator adorning your bathroom wall? Simply divine! 

“And how much would one have these exquisite heating devices cost?” we hear you ask. Around £1,000. A bargain for a work of art, no? We’ll have three – one for the bedroom, one for the bathroom and one for the bin…

(Image: from ccdg's Flickr stream)

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