Race to the bottom

We'll say this for obsolescence - it does wonders for prices. Sony's five-year-old PlayStation Portable is about to be sent thoroughly to the scrapheap with the arrival of its sequel, the NGP, later this year (or possibly early next year). But the PSP is still very much available, and to give it a new lease of life in its last few months Sony have sensibly decided to cut the price.

Last September the US got a lovely PSP price cut, to just $129.99. Now the same cut has come to Europe, with the RRP of a PSP (try to keep up) also dropping to 129.99 euros. (Relatedly: why do keyboards still not have Euro sign keys?)

It's a fair bet that this cut will make its way to the UK, and we'll be able to get a new PSP for a penny short of £130 soon. Of course, that's still a rip-off, given that a proper exchange-rate conversion of $130 is about £90. But that's an old, depressing story...

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