Looking for R4DS games for free download?

The last six or seven years has definitely seen a massive shift in the public perception of video games thanks in no small part to the wonderful work carried out by Japanese video games giants Nintendo. The company behind Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda have been hard at work changing public opinion on a past time that was once considered to be exclusively reserved for geeky teenagers and social outcasts.

Thanks to their intuitive control systems, such as the touch screen of the DS or the motion control of the Wii, Nintendo have managed to drag gaming kicking and screaming in to the twenty first century and, most importantly, into the homes of a previously untapped market that includes old aged pensioners, women, single mothers and middle aged couples.

Unfortunately this success has come with a price, and despite the fact that the company has sold almost 250,000,000 consoles in the last half a decade, they are still blighted by the curse of illegal video game piracy.

The DS is reported to be the single most pirated video game system available today, thanks in no small part to the R4DS cartridge. With this system, players can hunt down full retail games online, download them free of charge, and copy them over to their R4 cartridge in order to play them without spending a penny.

This might sound great at face value, but the bottom line is that it is seriously hurting the video game industry. Every time someone finds R4DS games for free download and makes the decision to pirate them, more and more developers become pressurised into downsizing or even closing.

This means that in the long run, your video game piracy could ultimately result in the death of the wide variety of games currently on offer. While we respect the fact that people can do as they choose, we urge you to reconsider video game piracy if you have any interest in seeing the industry survive the next decade.


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