R2-D2 projector is must have for Stars Wars nerds

Star Wars nerdom has just reached a whole new galaxy far, far away thanks to the motorized, fully-articulated R2-D2 projector with built-in DVD. Not only does it have an iPod dock and a million other digital media inputs it also comes with a Millennium Falcon remote control!

The life size R2-D2 projector is able to project from a distance of over 16 feet and has a 260-inch image. It is a must have for Star Wars nerds the world over and is available from the Star Wars shop.

The only problem is the price: $2,995. But before you say nein danke, check out the video below; if that doesn't help you get a nerd chubby on then nothing will. So the time may have arrived to blow your grandchildren's inheritance and finally sell off that unopened complete set of 1978 Star Wars figures.

R2-D2 projector in action

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