Quicker than ever

Sometimes it seems as if the world is getting faster. New gadgets are obsolete before their first birthday; films seem to come out on DVD when they've only been in the cinemas a week.

Also getting faster is iOS jailbreaking. We remember the days when it could take weeks for the iOS hacking community to break open each version of Apple's iPhone and iPad operating system, letting users install applications that don't meet the strict rules of Apple's App Store. But now, thanks to ever-more sophisticated hackery, it takes mere hours!

Apple pushed out iOS 4.3, the latest installment of its ongoing software series, earlier this week. And just one day later, bam! There it was, an update to jailbreakers' beloved 'Pwnage Tool' that could unlock the secrets of the new software.

We can be pretty sure Apple won't be happy about this, but there isn't much they can do about it. Maybe when iOS 5 rolls around, Apple'll manage to fight the jailbreakers off for good. But we doubt it...

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