Quick! The plants need help!

When it launched, Twitter was one of those things that made you scratch your head and go “yes, it’s very cool, but what’s it for?”. Since then people have invented all sorts of uses for it – keeping tabs on MPs, posting like a pirate and so on -- but none as good as Botanicalls’ invention of a device that lets your plants Twitter you when they need watering.

It needs a bit of technical skill and solder to set up, but just the thought of getting a little “thank you” message – yes, it does that as well – is almost enough to get us down to the DIY shop. You can set different moisture levels for different plants, change the message that each plant sends, and generally tinker to your heart’s content.

Why? There’s only one answer: because we can…

(Image: from Frazzled Jen’s flickr stream)

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