Queen goes 3D for Christmas message

Who says the Royal Family don’t keep up with the times and stay breathlessly alongside technology’s relentless curve? Well no-one this Christmas as Her Maj rolls out the Christmas message in full 3D.

Yes – if watching Del Boy and Rodney’s antics for the millionth time isn’t doing it for you – if the usual fare of recycled films and feel good schmaltz isn’t giving you that kick you need, then you can settle in for the privilege of having the Queen bursting out of your TV screen.

The slight flaw in this ultra ‘we’re with the times’ plan is that viewers will need special 3D glasses, a 3D TV and a 3D box to be able to watch the Christmas message in the new format. Buckingham Palace itself has admitted that the audience for the 3D extravaganza will be “relatively small.”

Owners of 3D glasses, 3D TVs and 3D boxes tend not to be the demographic waiting with baited breath for the latest round of carefully crafted platitudes. No they tend to be more the type of people more into gaming, Avatar and cutting edge CGI. Picture the scene as said person’s granny hooks up the multimedia experience and shrieks blue murder as Elizabeth’s nose juts through the screen and into the front room. Shame Prince Philip won’t be making a guest appearance really.

In 2007 the Queen’s Christmas message was streamed over YouTube for the first time. The YouTube Royal Channel has had over 40 million views since and its popularity may be behind these latest moves to embrace technology, even if they are now embracing it at a faster rate than most households.

Anyone holding out for hot gossip like the Queen’s views on water births, the moral standing of Australian talk radio and the chances of the baby looking like Harry will be disappointed though. Expect some terribly sweet but monotone tributes to the country for the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee.

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